How to Find a Reputable Builder Adelaide

Finding builders Adelaide can be a complicated process but if approached in an ordered manner you can avoid many potential pitfalls resulting in an excellent job at a fair price.

The first step is to decide what you want.  Doing this seems obvious. You may think you already know this, but each building project is comprised of the bigger picture and other smaller details. You may just be focusing on your grander vision of what the job will be without having made any decisions on the smaller parts. Spend some time thinking about these, the materials, the finish, what are essential and where you’re willing to compromise.


The next step is to get some builders in for quotes, try to get a range of people in to quote on the job. Consult with your friends for any recommendations, check the yellow pages and also search through the internet. When builders come to look at the job try to judge them all by the same variables; how professional they seem, are they on time, have they done any similar jobs, how long have they been in the building trade, are they members of any professional bodies.  


Once you have created a list which will be made up of the builders you have seen and are interested in, you should start to do some research on them, Google their names and company names, does anything good or bad show up? Check out the company on the company’s house website, how long has the company been trading? If it’s for a very short time, this is a red flag. Ask for a couple of names of previous recent clients, make sure you contact them and ask them some questions, how was the work? Would they recommend the builder? Did the job cost what they quoted?

The Work

After selecting the best builders Adelaide, agree on a contract and try to get as many details as possible included and also have payment stages that you will stick to. Try to ensure that you don’t have to put up too much money upfront; there is nothing worse than handing over the entire budget to your builder and then suddenly the relationship deteriorates, and you find yourself constantly chasing them.

During the building process, try to keep on top of things, know the schedule and if there are any problems. There are always some unforeseen circumstances during the process, and the better your relationship is with your builders, the better placed you will be to deal with them.

Finally once the job is completed and if you’re happy with the job, make sure you let people know, put a review on a website, if you have a blog write a recommendation. It’s too easy for people just to complain when things go wrong and not to praise people when they do a great job.

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