Save Money at Home or the Office with A Split Air Conditioner

Most people have seen and used a split air conditioner. As opposed to the window styles that you see in many homes or the centralised heating and cooling system that is often used, the split style runs off of electricity. There are mini and larger models available, but knowing exactly what you are buying is the key before you put any money down.

If you have ever seen the large air conditioning units in the back of homes or apartments, those are split air conditioners. The ones that are outside are often quite large, though there are some smaller, low-capacity models on the market. These can be loud depending on the model, but they are much more affordable to install as opposed to central heating and air conditioning. That being said, they are more expensive at the start because of the initial investment of having to buy the unit.

Adelaide hi-wall split air conditioning systems are much smaller, and as the name states, they are installed on the wall. The cost differs from larger models depending on how high of a capacity it has. It is recommended that a professional installs the unit because it needs to be hooked up directly to your ventilation system. A mistake can mean wasting the cool air that these units provide, which is not an efficient way to use energy and money.

These units are called split air conditioners because the internal workings are essentially divided into two. One side takes in the hot air, expels part of it, and push the rest to the store compressor. The air goes to the compressor to the other half of the unit, which cools the air with evaporator coils. This is most likely not something you thought about whatever you’ve seen one of these units outside, but the internal workings are relatively elaborate.

Finding these air conditioners can take some time, as they are often only at home improvement or hardware stores. Most big-box department stores do not carry them and depending on how many hardware and home improvement retailers there are in your area; your choices may be limited. Taking your search online is very effective if you are looking for a miniature unit, as the shipping prices will not be too high. If you are looking online, be sure that you pay attention to the shipping charges. Depending on what you order in the company order from, shipping costs can be as much as $50-$100. This can negate any savings you may have by shopping online.

While they are not the most popular option, depending on the electricity prices in your area as well as the type of heating and cooling system you may or may not already have installed in your home, it may be the cheaper option. If installed properly, Adelaide hi-wall split air conditioning systems can save you money on electricity. If installed improperly, one of these units can cost you hundreds of dollars more a year.

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